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Our goal in creating Push Pull is to offer a space with the needs of seniors woven within every detail. As seniors, it’s vital to maintain our muscle strength in order to keep our independence. We are not like any other gym out there. This isn’t a concept about vanity. It’s a concept about quality of life! 


Our workouts make such a difference in how the body ages. Push Pull delivers a focused resistance-based workout and designated space for those who are 55 and older to come in and workout in an environment free of intimidation and surrounded by their peers. Everything from our zero impact Keiser air powered resistance equipment to our exclusive membership is crafted with you in mind.  We’re passionate about helping our members feel great and reach their fitness goals!


Started by seniors, made for seniors — join us at Push Pull for an easy step into a better workout!

Greg and Brenda Hoffman

Founders and Owners of Push Pull

Started by seniors, made for seniors!

If you are 55 or older, come join us at Push Pull for an easy step into a better workout! 

Don't wait until it's too late, now is the best time to get started! 


After our founders, Greg and Brenda Hoffman, saw the benefits of their own aging family members who worked out and the hurts for those who abstained from exercise, they created a new kind of fitness concept that keeps working out for seniors EASIER. Our goal is to provide an in-depth workout that reaps the benefits of longevity, better muscle tone, higher energy, and enhanced wellness — we’re here to help people just like you maintain your independence and feel great! 


Are you ready to change your life with Push Pull? Do you want to get your loved ones involved with life-giving exercise routines? Your time is now!

12.50.32 Brenda Hoffman.jpg
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